The Outcast Kings

Finally, a dungeon and some treasure. All for me.

Krom finds shiny sword. Now sharper than ever.

Lust for adventure still tingles through spines. Or perhaps it is desire for some fresh air, after less than honest execution of dissident. In any case, I cannot complain about setting out from city to explore and conquer more territory.

My mood is further improved now that Lizard Man is back in our ranks. However, that sense of comfort did not last long. Not once we explore seemingly abandoned cottage. We hear tales of witch in area. Whether or not we believe in such rumours, it is best for us to remain on guard.

The abandoned cottage was guarded by living scarecrow! Or something like that. It was on fire, and when it touched me I could feel sense of dread. What’s worse, I was suddenly on fire. I am lucky to be alive still. I dropped to ground and rolled as hard as I could, to kill flames. Unfortunately, Stage Magician had just right trick to dispel them. For all his phony magic, he at least has some use.

Squirrel sneaks towards cottage, and relays existence of old woman inside. More likely than not, she is witch others talk about. But I am not convinced that she is danger, despite her dangerous guard-scarecrow. I approach cottage with others…

And next thing I know, I am on ground and Lizard Man had burst through window. Witch was gone. I ask more about what happened from friends, but they don’t explain much. They probably did something stupid. Again.

However, things picked up after that. After brief (and bloody) encounter with crazy man (or was he brother of crazy man? Both were crazy), we find treasure map inside tree! I was very excited. I took map and deciphered it (with some help). Since party had nothing better to do, we travelled East to spooky grave.

Spooky grave was kind of spooky. We enter, and suddenly Squirrel is attacked by tentacle-smoke. I do not understand inherent dangers in tentacle-smoke, but maybe Cleric or Stage Magician understand such magic better than me. Anyway, I am asked to take stick and poke inside mouths of statues at corner of chamber. I break something. I hope I did not make some god angry. Not in best mood to deal with gods right now.

After exploring place some more, we discovered lots of old weapons and dead bodies. When we got too close, some of bodies jumped up! Skeletons! Finally, proper battle! But Cleric quickly destroys them all with one fancy spell. What waste of excitement.

However, one skeleton remained. He wielded shiny falchion, and I knew it was destiny for me to take it. I fight skeleton in impressive duel Mikmek will surely relay to historians, while Stage Magician did nothing of use. skeleton man was destroyed, and I took now-broken falchion.

We travel back to castle. While rest of party takes it easy, I go to smith to ask about repairing sword. He suggests finding cleric to help me too, so after I find one I quickly convince (threaten) cleric to meet me at smith’s.

The next day, I had brand new sword. It is very shiny, and I cannot wait to cut things with it.

Diary of Krom Greyfoot


Legacy skyblark

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