The Outcast Kings

Krom Not Rich Enough. Maybe kill Stage Magician and sell magic stuff.

I tire of Lizard Dogs and Small Blue Things. One would imagine such wars be great and mighty and honourable, but all of them are too small to be great. They are easily scared and impressed, and their treasure is worthless. They are so stupid they think dumb statue is cursed relic. I cannot believe we went through tiny tunnel to find some dumb hunk of rock actually, that is par with course.

What is worse, I must share with useless Dronk and Squirrel. Even worse, I am forced to listen to Stage Magician spout sense of accomplishment. He accomplishes nothing but indigestion for giant insects.

It has been nearly one cycle of the moon, and wealth is elusive. I expected danger and riches, yet I encounter neither. Giant fuzzy insect and mite were of little difficulty, though improvement over boar and stupid wolfman. Lizard Dog Priest was also of no match. I gave him weak snarl and he nearly wet pants I am sure. Do Lizard Dogs wear pants? Must consult with Mik-mek.

At least Lizard Man come back in middle of tree-tunnel. I missed him, and he make better company than Stage Magician or Dronk. Even if I don’t understand him. Or maybe that is why I like him.

Only good thing is present I find at Oleg’s. It seems someone recognizes efforts. New arrows look nice. Would have preferred nicer sword though.

Diary of Krom Greyfoot


Legacy skyblark

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