The Outcast Kings

More Lizards. More power. Metalizards.

Log from Feb 01:

Day 1:

Met weird man, Krom’s friend his name is..I forget. But he is stinky.

We find lizard encampmen; they seem to be interested in speaking to gods.
After crossing the river and some brief interactions, they deem me friendly and I gesture for the party to come to me.

Visiting the village is calm and reassuring. Great place to stay. Seems they are having trouble with some avatar of a god. I meet vesket, he seems troubled by it.

We rush to the hut when we hear child scream to investigate. False god appears and downs ranger was trying to meddle. It seemed it was just willow-wisp. So our party challenged it to a duel to prove to the king that it is not a god.

Fierce batle, powerful wisp. Mouse touched my butt. Vicious battle, wisp is badly damaged. He ran away.


Legacy Crapton

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