The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: Adventures in Politics

Our adventures out of the city haven’t been particularly exciting lately. They have started to pick up somewhat, however. Most of our problems involve solving others’ problems now, even those outside what land we’ve claimed for ourselves. For instance, we heard rumours of people going missing, supposedly from wolf attacks. So we checked it out, and sure enough, the rumours were true. Well, sort of. It turned out to be a werewolf attacking the farm.

Yeah. Another werewolf. Why are there so many of them? Why are there so many wolves in general?

In any case, it was dispatched much more easily than the last one. Theod’s sheep was useless. As usual, Krom was our most valuable team member in terms of dealing damage. I feel like writing all this down has gotten a little pointless, seeing as the exact same thing happens every battle. Theod conjures something stupid. Isa charges in head first. I miss things with my crossbow. Krom slaughters stuff. Wyn heals things when necessary. Wakka and Giles seem to enjoy wrestling. We need to change things up.

I suppose our next little adventure was a little atypical, since we only killed on thing instead of everything in our path. Today, we dealt in… politics! Without Queen Wyn. Just to reaffirm that we’re somewhat capable of diplomacy as well.

Except we aren’t. We tried to settle things between a fairy and some loggers, but for the most part we just made both sides angrier. Until Theod stepped in and managed to convince the fairy to let the loggers go somehow, rather than hold them there and demand reparations for cutting down a couple of centuries-old trees. He called himself “a friend of the fae,” if I’m remembering this right. It makes sense. I mean, they do seem to have a thing for exposing his undergarments… -(A good look for him? Requires more investigation.)
The fairy sent us on another quest. I’m quite glad have something to pass the time, but do we really need to create such a fuss over something as trivial as trees? They’re everywhere.

And apparently they’re evil. And can move. (Seriously? What is going on in this place?) So we set it on fire — fire is super effective against trees, apparently, go figure — and got the coins to grow more trees for the fairy. So we did that and were thanked. And Krom scored a new robe adorned with skeletons. Definitely a good look for him, but almost everything is an improvement for Krom. I wonder if we can alter his statue to include his new majestic cape? Everyone should behold that robe. Although it might cause a little bit more unrest among our people, since they apparently were convinced the statue was a waste of time and space (which I can’t disagree with) by a mysterious traveler.

Said traveler was speaking in front of a gathering of our citizens and rallying them against us. He brought up such points as the aforementioned statue, our councillor’s alcoholism, and a few less valid things. Theod and I tried to talk him down, but he would have none of it, and even rejected my advances our attempt at smoothing things over in private. So we had to resort to less savoury methods of getting him to shut his rather attractive trap.

We started a civil war.

… Or we would have, if we’d let Krom have his way. I think our actual method was only slightly more practical, and significantly less wasteful. We lured our troublemaker into Wyn’s throne room and had Theod cast a spell on him to make him fall for our fair Queen. Or just want to whisk her away into bed. One of those two things. The spell worked, and someone twisted things to make it seem as if he was charging towards Wyn to assassinate her rather than… embrace her. So we carted him off. What happened next, I’m ashamed to admit. We executed him. I was completely against it. Imprisonment, exile, labour, anything would have been better than what we did. He just disagreed with how things were run! It’s not a crime!

[ There are a few scribbles and scratches following. Only a few words can be made out underneath them, but not enough to form complete sentences. ]

I don’t want to remember this. And I don’t want it to happen again.

I’m sorry.


Legacy timehopper

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