The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: Cower before our Mite

Day 26: We continue to climb down trees

Once everyone had healed up after fighting the giant bug, we decided to get a move on. Before we could, though, Wakka and Giles showed up. I’m not entirely sure how they knew where we were, but it was kind of nice to have them back. The more people we have with us the better.

After a little bit more exploring we came across what I assume was some kind of command room, if only because there were some mites surrounding a small table in it. The table had a statue on it, which was clearly what Mikmek was looking for. It also had a ratty old tablecloth. Points to the mites for trying to spice their quarters up, but I think next time they should try something without checkers. Maybe something green.

The mites spotted us almost immediately. Fortunately, we were planning to engage them in battle anyway, so sneaking up on them didn’t matter. They were pretty easy to dispatch. Even I managed to kill something, which is saying a lot. Not that these simpletons will appreciate it (or even remember it, probably)… So apparently I’m only useful in giant trees too.

While everyone was adequate to some extent, I think Isa stood out the most this time. She performed an unnecessary leap over the footstool — table, sorry — and punched the tick we were fighting, killing it instantly. The girl may be impulsive (or stupid, I haven’t gotten to know her well enough to know which yet), but she’s certainly got style.

Mikmek got his statue back and carried it out. I would have offered to give him a hand, since he seemed to struggle a little as he dragged it along, but I’ve learned that when I offer to hold on to something for people, they tend not to trust me to give it back. And besides, the little guy was so proud of his statue it may have seemed like an insult if I’d taken it from him. Instead I took some of the stuff from the sack we found under the table.

I thought our adventure in the mites’ lair was over after we found what we were looking for, but unfortunately my teammates wanted to check out the remaining room. Big mistake. There were more bugs. And I don’t even want to mention what else was in that room. I feel a little queasy just thinking about it. Fortunately, we weren’t in there for too long, and it just made getting back outside to the fresh air all the better. I’d nearly forgotten how much I missed the sky!

… Plus I’m really sick of bugs.

We returned briefly to Oleg’s and found a package waiting for us. Apparently our employers saw fit to reward us for our efforts, even though we hadn’t finished the job yet. We all happily lined our pockets. I think Krom was almost as excited I was to grab a handful of gold.

Day 27 (?): Curses and Blessings

Just before we set off again, we were asked about the ring we were looking for. I had almost forgotten about it, since we hadn’t found anything that could lead us to it. Until Mikmek revealed that he’d seen it, that is. So we made our way to his home. Outside there was a small cage holding a mite. I felt bad for it, and for a moment debated releasing it, but in the end I decided that it would be a bad idea, if only because we’d just helped Mikmek and his tribe win a war against the mites. And there was another Kobold watching us, and I doubt he’d appreciate us liberating his prisoner. Mikmek explained to the second Kobold, Nakpik, why he brought us home with him, and he lead us through the caves. We ended up picking up a train of fascinated Kobolds. It was almost like we were royalty except for the fact that we were still poor and dirty.

Then we met actual royalty (sort of) and paid him tribute with the statue we found. He didn’t seem to like it at all. Rather than display it like the proud symbol I assumed it was, he smashed the damn thing right in front of us. Ungrateful bastard. He quickly explained that destroying the idol would break some sort of curse. I don’t know much about curses, but I’m still pretty miffed that we went through all that trouble for nothing…

We decided to tackle the real source of the curse, a Kobold shaman and would-be usurper. I’m still not too clear on the actual terms of the curse, but I feel like killing him off was the right thing to do. He was murdering the other members of his tribe in the name of appeasing a dark god, or so I gathered from our translators. Sootscale certainly seemed to think we were in the right, and thanked us for all we’d done. In fact, he even allowed Mikmek to accompany us on our journey. So coupled with getting the ring back, I’d say we made out quite well. I decided to hold on to the ring until we could return it. If there’s one person that will absolutely not let anything of value out of her sight, it’s me.

Once we returned to the trading post, I handed the ring over. Oleg’s wife was delighted, of course. The two of them agreed to grant me credit towards any goods they carried for keeping it safe. I’m not entirely sure why I was the only one to receive this gift, but I sure as hell am not going to complain!

I think I’ll use some of this credit to buy the others a couple of drinks. We deserve a night of fun after effectively stopping a war and saving an entire tribe of Kobolds.


Legacy timehopper

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