The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: If this is a fairy tale, where's my Prince?

This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The other day my companions and I decided to investigate some rumours regarding a witch. We found her stuck in a chair in her house. Wakka dealt with that for the most part, after I stealthily (and kind of pointlessly, I admit, since we were going to end up at the door anyway) approached the window. She attacked us with a flaming scarecrow. As in a scarecrow that was actually on fire. That was also weak to fire? I don’t understand, but it was taken care of easily. As was she.

I will admit though, seeing Krom on fire was kind of hilarious. I’m a little worried about how much Theod was enjoying it, though. I swear there’s something off about him. Nobody can genuinely be that odd without having something to hide. (More investigation required.)

Something else not so fun happened the other day.

I hate to have to bring up this memory again, but the old man that sold potions seems to have had a brother. I say he had a brother only because we killed him shortly after meeting him. He was clearly insane. More insane than his brother (?), I mean. That aside, the old fool was obviously hiding something from us, but because he was quite literally insane, I wasn’t quite able to pick up on what he was hiding. Too much to sift through, and everyone else was getting impatient, and the old bat was getting hostile. So, like the barbarians we are, we decided to fight him. It wasn’t much of a fight.

Oh yes. He had a cat. We decided to spare the cat, although Wyn rendered it temporarily immobile (I think she made it tear a muscle?). It’s too bad Isa wasn’t there. She quite likes cats. Wakka seemed affectionate enough to wards it, though. In fact, he wasn’t even there to fight the strange old man, because he was off fetching some meat for the kitten. So we’re a team of cat-lovers. Except for me, apparently. I can’t stand the beasts. But I’d rather not kill someone’s pet either. (Threatening is another story. But that’s a tale for another time.)

Moving along, we followed a treasure map we’d happened upon, and came to a… I’m not sure what it was, exactly, but there was treasure inside. Guarded by a bunch of skeletons, no less. Just like the stories mother and father used to tell me when I was a girl. So was it predictable? Yes.

Didn’t stop me from triggering a trap.

I will admit it was a moment of impulsiveness (Isa would be proud), since it was fairly obvious there would be a trap (corpse in the middle of the room? Check. Ring on its finger? Check. Ominous scenery? All around us), but I ran forward to investigate the body in the middle of the room. I was immediately assaulted by some interesting-looking tendrils. Like tentacles, I suppose. I’m sure they would have felt nice had they most likely not been deadly, but figuring they were, I deftly dodged out of their insidious reach. As I knew I would. What kind of rogue would I be otherwise?

In any case I took the ring. Later we were assaulted by more skeletons. We breezed through them. Even Boss Bones was no trouble at all. He (?) may as well have handed us the treasure personally.

Now I’m home and I have another ring to add to my steadily-growing collection. Hooray for exploring.


Legacy timehopper

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