The Outcast Kings

Brass Tacks

6th moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Today the Queen has decided that she will spend the next year focusing exclusively on rearing our hatchling kingdom. Mikmek is unsure of this decision. Mikmek understands the need to expand on current lands and to grow strong, but Mikmek worries men grow weak while kingdom grows strong. He sees Krom grow weary of busy-work. Mikmek concurs with big Krom. Is busy work, but boring work. At least Mikmek work is out of doors. Much travelling and exploring. Old explored parts, but still exploring. Always something new. Sometimes even exciting.

Mikmek return to surprising sight, after much long travels. Big Krom has commissioned large statue of himself in front of castle. Mikmek is not surprised by statue itself though. Big Krom have big ego. But surprise is statue is good. Not ugly or gaudy at all. Much shiny. Mikmek and Kobold-kin approve. Mans think so too. Is funny too, since now people like it, so Queen cannot remove statue. Is “Cultural Icon”. Ironic. But fitting. Mikmeks friends are misfits and strangelings. Kingdom they make is also strange.

Mikmek thinks Theod is jealous. Is not surprising. Noodle man is always bickering with Big man. Mikmek not say anything though.

7th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Woman Svetlana is growing eggs. Man Oleg is very excited. Or Mikmek thinks so. Hard to tell with Man Oleg. Is always so very grumpy-looking. Fuzzy brows hang so low. Mikmek is happy he has no fuzzies on brows.

But Hatchlings and Egg-growings takes much time and energies. Mikmek is still young, and also not egg-grower, but Mikmek knows these things. Mikmek not that young. So Svetlana must step down from position. Mikmek recommends hatch-mate Vazdul. Some man-folk question wisdom of small kobolds. Vazdul tells them is not size of folk, but girth of mind. Mikmek pretty sure that sounds smart, but Mikmek is soldier, not diplomat. Probably why Mikmek is Marshal, not Diplomat. Mikmek thinks that smart too.

Man-folk Jhod is complaining about lack of holy site. He says Queen is also Cleric, and so she should understand why this is bad. Queen admits it should be a priority but there are no funds. Mikmek nods. There is much shinies to be had and not enough to give. Mikmek thinks maybe if Krom did not spend so much funds on Statue maybe they have some for temple, but he not say anything. Krom pay with own funds. Is Krom’s business.

A compromise was made, and a shrine was erected. Is small, but still good.

Mikmek hears Oleg has recounted monies in coffers, and found much extra bounty. Mikmek hopes this means more shinies for Mikmek. But he doubts it.

Towards the end of this moon, Noodle man makes big announcement. Mikmek does not understand what he talks about. Some sort of ‘illusion’ trick. Is apparently big deal. People from far away places start to arrive just to study. Mikmek is on high alert. Much room for bandits and rogues in amongst travelers.

8th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

The town is growing very fast. Companions are growing fast too. Many people live in Wynnysburg now. Can be hard to keep track of everyone. More people come to live here each day. Not just men-folk, neither. Many half-elves and even half-orcs come in large numbers. Kobolds not hard to find either.

Mikmek is trying to convince Queen to build Kobold-town inside of Wynnysburg. So far no luck. But new shop is built. Sells much shinies. Not what Mikmek wanted, but not bad.

Peoples across river are demanding a bridge. Queen has agreed is good idea. Mikmek also says is good idea.

9th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Little Kobold Town has started construction. Should be done by next month. Much shinies passing hands here. But must keep eye on peoples. Kobolds sometimes get angry and big ones. Not all Kobolds good like Mikmek. Not all can be noble. But one day. This is only first step.

Mikmek hear many more peoples speaking Draconic in town. Is strange to see so many half-mans in town. Mikmek wonders if soon there will be half-kobolds. Can there be half-kobolds?

Mikmek ask Vazdul, but he no know neither.

Prince of another land came to visit Wynnisburg. From land to the east named Varnhold. Not so different from our kingdom. Started in same way. Prince flirted with Queen very much. Mikmek not understand mans courting rituals, so he no know if it goes well. Prince visiting was talk of town though. Many more business. Much more shinies in pockets of Wynnis peoples. Prince leaves but says will come back. Mikmek is not sure if this is good or bad thing. Mikmek not sure of many things this moon.

Mikmek sure new shop near new house sells best jerkey in town though. Vazdul agrees.

10th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Today construction starts on new building to make shinies for Wynnis. Mikmek thinks this is best idea since Little Kobold Town. Now all shinies from Wynnis will be same. Oleg says this will reduce crime. Mikmek says this will make kobolds want to trade more. Oleg is grumpy but also says this is good point.

Of course is. Mikmek always make good points. Is why Mikmek is here. Mikmek very smart. And handsome.

And humble. But only a little.

Wahka goes to visit Garuum this month. Is gone for very long time, but eventually comes back. Gives Mikmek stag leg. Mikmek his happy.

Mikmek was right. Soon as “Mint” makes Wynnis shinies, Kobolds go crazy. So much shinies trading hands. Is hard to keep track. Mikmek worries is opportunity for bad people to do bad things. Mikmek keep his eyes open.

11th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Today shoemaker opens shop. Mikmek does not wear shoes, so is not very interesting for Mikmek.

But during Mikmek’s patrols, something interesting DID happen. Wolves started attacking farm to the north of Wynnis. Mikmek is Marshal, so Mikmek go with Kobold Patrol to investigate. Was only 3 wolves, but still very dangerous. Mikmek hoped maybe he could train one to ride, but that did not happen.

Wolves were dispatched with much ease. Vazdul teach Mikmek those words. Mikmek likes “Dispatch”. Is very distinguished. Like Mikmek.

12th Moon of the year of Black Dragons.

Winter is not so bad in these lands, but still see snow sometimes in mountains. Construction is no fun during times like these, so this moon many men work on making roads better. Mikmek is not so sure this is good idea, but is surprisingly dry, so it worked well in long run.

Earlier there was a small forest fire to the north. Mikmek and Kobolds help put out fire. Noodle helps too. Mikmek wonders if maybe is because is so dry?

Vazdul wonders why nature is so strange lately. Mikmek is also starting to wonder. He will ask Wahka about wonders of nature. Wahka maybe this time not blame ghosts.


1st Moon of the year of Green Dragons.

This month marks the end of the year of black dragons, and the start of the year of green dragons. Chief Sootscale hosted big party for all Kobolds and friends. Was maybe too big; sky-explosions could be seen all the way from Wynnis. Noodle Man is showing off again.

The Pier was opened up today. More people keep coming to live in our city. Is getting very, very large. Mikmek wonders how Wahka and Krom will manage it all. Mikmek does what he can to help.

Wahka has been asking spirits of forest to give us gentle winter. Maybe he is doing it right this time, as there is much good weather in what is supposed to be very dark nights. Good weather leads to more good spirits. Noodle man’s family sends word from his home. Says they are proud of his accomplishments so far. Says Magister is good title, even if kingdom is puny. Says he needs to be outside more. Mikmek thinks this is good idea.

They use magic to make park in middle of town. Mikmek is surprised. Must be very powerful magic. Costs much shinies. But nice park. Good trees.

Mikmek thinks this year will be good.

2nd moon of year of Green Dragons.

Woman Svetlana hatches man-eggs today. Man-eggs grow inside belly. Is very strange. Looks very heavy and uncomfortable. Oleg and Svetlana name man-hatchling Dimitri. Mikmek is told is very handsome hatchling. Mikmek thinks it looks shriveled and small, but he not say that. Kobold hatchlings much tougher. Stronger. Not bigger though. Still small.

Today new Armorsmith sets up shop. Is very big half-orc. Mikmek wonders if maybe he just orc. Or maybe Half-ogre. Has very small wife. Is daughter there too. Mikmek sometimes sees Krom go to shop. Maybe more than usual? Mikmek not know how much Krom like armor. Mikmek like skin armor more than metal armor. Though metal armor is shiny. Maybe Krom also like the shiny?

New smith and old smith bicker for some time. Mikmek not understand. One is armorsmith and other is weaponsmith. Is different things, yes? Yes. Mikmek explain this to man-smiths. Man-smiths go ‘Oh’.

Man-smiths not so angry anymore.

Is good.

3nd moon of year of Green Dragons.

Today the Market finally opened. Many people were very happy. So many more shinies. Wynnis is kingdom of shinies.

Another discovery has been made! Zero, the walking shiny armor, went on quest without telling anyone a long time ago to find his maker. Zero came back today. He did not find his creator, but he did come back with some plans for a new kind of toy. Mikmek is grown up now and only plays with toys maybe sometimes, but for hatchlings this is very good news. Wynnis is now known as the land of toy-makers. Mikmek expects to see more shops open soon for exactly that.

4th Moon of year of Green Dragons.

As Mikmek expected, new shops opened up. But more peoples came at bad time. A sudden dryness came and wrecked many man-crops. Thankfully the Queen planned for something like this, so there will be no starving, but it will be hard for people. But we are a strong people with many shinies. We will survive.

5th Moon of the year of Green Dragons.

One more shop opened up. Wynnysburg is very large now. So maybe it should not be surprising that bad guys start to cause problems. Thankfully Wahka does not like people who misbehave. He went into house and kicked bad guys out before they cause problems selling bad potions. Wahka says they make head spin. Mikmek hopes he does not mean it actually spins. Would be very painful.

6th Moon of the year of Green Dragons.

Last month before adventures start again. Mikmek is getting excited. Though Mikmek goes on patrol often, is always to same places. Wynnis is big, but Mikmek and his friends explore much more than have claimed as home. Mikmek misses exploring. Wants to keep exploring.

Today a place to keep shinies with other peoples shinies to make more shinies opened up. This is how was explained to Mikmek. Mikmek does not understand, but many man-folk wanted to open up “accounts” in the “Bank”. So maybe is good idea? Mikmek still not so sure.

Today Chief Sootscale came before Queen with proposal. Wants to make Sootscale Caverns into proper city. However, wants to use Wynnis funds to do so. Queen is expected to make choice in 1 moon.

Mikmek thinks it is good idea, but maybe Mikmek is biased.

Queen is under much pressure now. Will probably not ease up soon.

But adventures start soon. Mikmek has been training. Mikmek will be ready.

7th Moon of the year of Green Dragons.

Today Mikmek and friends go to explore new places and make more maps. Mikmek has more supplies. Will be great adventure.

(As mentioned last session, each player who attended the last session must write their log as usual. However, ALL players must write for their actions during this 1 year skip. Please reference events which transpired over the course of what I have layed out here. This log will be worth twice as much as the usual log. On top of that, please include these 2933 bonus EXP points prior to the experience gained for the skip, as they were earned for your city-building trials. Which took me no great expense. So don’t screw it up. )

Why Not Kromland?

Preface – About Krom
I thought to be General would be fun. Instead I bore. I sit in office and tell people what to do. I am like king, but only for swords. Sound good on paper, but we do not war with anything so no fighting. Ever. I punch a colonist today. He complain about food shortage, and I am bored. He ran away and I laughed. It was hollow victory though. I wish I shed his blood.

For weeks I demand adventure with old friends, but they be busy with dumb ‘running a city’ stuff. Eventually we go East and kill some big wolves, but I am still bored.

So I go out on own into wilds for some time. I want to kill things, not write stuff. My hand is sore from writing, so first thing I do is find a scribe. I meet bard named Nak-kreet. He is Kobold like Mikmek, but plays lute instead of spear. So stupid, but Nak-kreet writes decent.

Ballad of Krom

By the Horde of Dragons, do I perceive
An ever fearsome, evil enemy?
A beast, a mountain, myth of majesty?
A blade unbroken, wet with many blood,
And eyes of cavernous winter do glare?
He looms above my scaled anatomy
And bellows low and fearsomely to me,
“Is that a lute? You look stupid.”

I bow my head in shame of my attire
I cannot face a man so wise in looks
A man so wise in the way of blades
A man so-
”Why you writing? Stop, you dumb lizard.”

The sun reposes. Starlight twinkles bright,
And I have time again to subtly write
The exploits, victories of Krom the Great
The King of Kromland, vast and ultimate.
For just today I found his name be true,
As aft’ he stomped upon my precious lute
We faced a danger greater than ten men
Eleven bandits did descend the hills.

But Krom the Great, Krom the King of Kromland
Unbroken blade, and stained a sea of blood
Did quench his thirst for war, and now I see
What makes a man be great. A might unmatched.
A single steel stroke, and Krom did kill
Not one, but two invaders from the hills.
Another stroke; perhaps my eyes deceive,
But nine other men were dead before me.

to be continued…

The Ballad of Krom Greyfoot

Pin and Rake him on the bed

Day 30 (2):

Continuing ourjourney into the fort. Peons running to open gate which contained owlbear.

I use my new spell to make boulders fly at silly bandits.I must tell noodleman later, he would be proud.

With new druid powers I take hold of mister staglord, he not so scary.
I pin him while my friends rek him. Pin and rake.

I rip off head as prize for victory. He was ugly man. Apparently I must throw in the river.

We're still at the Stag Lord's so I don't think it's been a full day yet... Still don't know the date. Whatever.

Apparently I joined the fray…
The bastard bandits let loose a Fucking Owlbear. God damn it. I do not wanna deal with a Fucking Owlbear with a fucking hangover. At least we made an ally… kind of???
Then I high five Mouse.
Then she hit the Owlbear with her crossbow. It was the high five that did it, I take full credit.
While everyone else was keeping the Owlbear busy I frisked the corpse of one of the bastards who let the beast free and found a longbow. I tried to use the longbow. I can’t use a longbow.
One of my comrades took out the Owlbear, thank god. But one of the bandits ran off and tried to wake the Stag Lord, and that would’ve been a Very Bad Thing so we tried to stop him. I went to punch the guy… but… ended up high fiving Mouse WHICH WAS WHAT I INTENDED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE IF ANYONE ASKS.
All of us kinda jammed together trying to stop this guy, which was why I missed hitting him the second time. Definitely. I don’t feel too bad about missing him when he mysteriously started shambling towards Wyn, because everyone but Krom missed him too. Thank god for Krom though, he near cleaved the guy in half.
And then there was the Stag Lord.
Lizardman ran in to attack him. And got attacked. Badly. Obviously. But then he grappled him and kinda ended up pinning him. On the bed. (oo-er)
So… that was the Stag Lord… Such a tough guy. He had some DAMN good loot tho.

Mouse's Log: I Can Hardly Bear the Excitement

Day 30 (Continued):

After far too little time to prepare, we found ourselves in combat with the dreaded owlbear, which turned out to be exactly what it sounded like: a bear that was also an owl. Bizarre.

Just as we were getting ready to fight the owlbear, a bandit ran toward us and warned us to stay back. I turned to my teammates and proclaimed that I was going to stab him. They all looked at me like I was an idiot, which I expected, because they still don’t have a sense of humour. So instead of drawing my dagger and plunging it into the bandit’s back, I asked why he wanted us to stay back, thinking it was odd that our enemy was warning us about oncoming danger. It turns out he had wanted to rebel against the Stag Lord. I guess word of our arrival encouraged him to act. I suppose if anyone would be suitable to serve as backup for rebellion, it would be us.

The owlbear was surprisingly easy to fight despite its rampage. The battle was quite uneventful, actually. Until Isa took a longbow from one of the bandits the owlbear slaughtered… and tried to fire it. A weapon she had never held before. I don’t think the arrow made it past her foot. That girl sometimes…

After killing the owlbear, we flagged down one of the fleeing bandits and attacked. For some reason it took longer to take him down. Wyn even had to take brief command of his body to give us all openings to attack… and naturally, we screwed it up. Except Krom, that is, who completely destroyed the thing’s body. Once that was taken care of, we were able to move on to the main event: the final showdown with the Stag Lord.

He didn’t measure up to expectations at all. In fact, for all we had heard about the dreaded Stag Lord, the battle was almost a let down. (Not that I’m not happy about it. I’m still alive to write this, after all.)

Isa, Wyn and I took up the rear while Krom, Giles, and Wakka ploughed in ahead of us. There wasn’t a lot of room to move in at first, but when there was, I slipped in, dagger at the ready. I… wasn’t quite prepared to see Wakka pinning a struggling Stag Lord down on his bed. I doubt I’ll be able to forget that sight anytime soon. But it did make things easier to deal with.

So after killing a helpless bandit leader, we took the skull he wore on his head and nearly everything in the camp. Our ally seemed to have disappeared at some point after the fight while we were gathering the spoils of war. Fine with me; we don’t have to give him anything.

Speaking of the spoils of war, we made quite a large sum of money. Everyone picked out what they wanted to keep and the rest was sold. I managed to snag some better armour and a rapier! So I must bid a fond farewell to my not-so-trusty dagger in order to carry this new and improved weapon.

So now that that’s done, I think some celebrations are in order. Drinks all around. And I still have credit with Oleg, so maybe I’ll offer some to my comrades and help them get some of the nicer gear they’ve been eyeing up.

I wonder how Theod’s doing.

Wyn's Log "Easy Target"

Day 30 cont. – I am pretty proud to say that our party had accomplished something today. We have realized the ruination of the Stag Lord!
To recount: soon after we had gone over the bodies of the bandits already slain we heard a screeching roar come from further into the keep. A gate was being opened. There were four, but one of one the Stag Lord’s men, Akiros, had had enough and turned sides and gave aid to us. With the owlbear now loose it was havoc for all inside – it attacked us and bandits alike. Isa attempted to use a longbow that was dropped but I think the poor girl wasn’t even able to draw it… And Krom… it was if he was suddenly drunk! Even so the owlbear went down. I had a decent amount of energy left to heal and still a few prepared spells ready. One of the bandits had run to wake the Stag Lord in his chambers. We chased him down and while the others had him cornered at the door I bade him to approach me. This gave Mouse, Isa, Giles, and Krom a free opening to attack. Only Krom was able to hit our target as he rushed past them all – and Krom hit right through him completely. Half of the man managed to reach me, and I was thoroughly splattered in his blood. I’m sure it was a sight to see, as if I needed to look anymore demonic. Wakka, Giles, and Krom stormed the Stag Lord’s room. There was little room for us all so I conjured a spiritual dagger to go aid in the fight. I don’t think it was needed though. Wakka had grappled the Stag Lord and then pinned him to his own bed. It wasn’t really much of a fight at this point. Akiros had the honour of the final blow with an arrow to the head through the helmet. And it was over. We took his head and helmet and then went through the whole keep for loot. We found a good haul and I picked up an amulet for a little extra protection. I don’t usually get into the thick of a fight but I’d rather not get picked off by arrows.
There is still much to do to annex the wilds though, so I’m sure the next job will be waiting for us.

My Best Day Ever. Part 2

Today we kill Stag Lord! The giant of man was no match however. In fact, fight was disappointing. Lizard Man pinned drunken Stag Lord to bet, and rest of us hacked away at him to bits. It was too easy of a fight.

Before Stag Lord, we fought owlbear. Owlbear was little more of a challenge, but still it died before I could cut into it any well. I worry if I do not face good challenge soon, my skills will rust. I train for great battles, not merciless killings.

But the gold is good. There was much treasure in the fort, and now I had enough to buy a better sword. What’s even better, I did not share much with puny Stage Magician. Stupid man decided not to come… so he gets nothing but little bit of gold. Maybe if there were good magic items we would give them to him. Or sell them, I am not so sure.

I must thank Lizard Man for his strength and skill in grapple. I do not dare wish to challenge him in such an honourable struggle. But I say my blade is sharper.

I will thank Cleric as well, for healing. And more healing.

I thank Dronk for …………………………………………. (put something here when you remember something)

I also thank Squirrel Runt for motivation for gold. It is good to have ally with as much lust for money as you.

And lastly, I thank Mikmek for being entertaining.

I think that is everyone.

Day Whatever I Can't Keep Track...

We started exploring again. Mikmek has joined our team, the scaly cutie…
We came to what would’ve been a bridge. Like. 50 years ago. The sign was barely hanging on, but the bell was still there! So I rang it.
Aaand that apparently summoned the restless spirit/zombie of the Bridge Man. Oops.
He emerged from a pile of rubble upstream and started walking across the water to us. I offered the suggestion that maybe it was Zombie Jesus, but everyone just looked at me funny. Probably because they don’t know who Jesus is. Actually. I don’t know who Jesus is. What an odd name.
Anyways, Lizard Man swam up to it and started grappling it. Everyone just kinda hovered by the shore and did what they could, except me. I just kept ringing the bell, hoping to piss it off. Mystery Cleric cast some magic stuff, which seemed effective. Someone suggested I throw rocks (I guess they were getting annoyed?) so I threw rocks. Not magic rocks. Just rocks. But I did as much damage as I could. Which wasn’t much. Because they weren’t magic. But when we were finally getting somewhere he TURNED INTO WATER and ran away. Coward.
Before he disappeared I guess he said something, so everyone was really invested in bringing him back. I said to ring the bell again, kinda joking. Krom actually did it though, and it brought him back so I’m gonna pretend I was serious about the bell thing. Then he told us to defeat the Stag Lord. Which we were already doing?

So we went on our merry way to find the Stag Lord.
We found his hideout easily enough. But then we had to figure out how to get in. I an’t lie for shit even when I’m sober so I left Mouse, Krom and Mystery Cleric Wyn to do the bluffing… Which didn’t go very well. Mouse got the password wrong (Damn it, just when she was starting to do things) so they sounded the alarm.
Lizard man and I waited outside while they got attacked. In my boredom I decided to chug my mead. I can’t remember the rest…

Swimming gives nightmares. Krom is a great healer of dreams.

Day 28:

Zombie man shambleing at me. I miss noodleman humour, he understood me. It was a fun swimming experience. Bad dreams though. So much nightmare, being drowned sucks. The nightmares seem to have gone thanks to Krom.That is why he pat my back :).

Day 29:

We come across camp. Also Micmac came onto shoulders for river crossing.

Day 30:

I throw staghead amulet at mouse. Now she can pretend to be bandit. We fighting too many bandits to count. Krom getting rekt but we managed to beat up more men and save one bandit. Good thing horned women can heal.

This is greatest days of my life.

It is 29th Day. Annoying Stage Magician got stick and stayed behind. I did not miss him. We set out to explore new territory, and with no dumb magic tricks and stupid words coming out of sick man’s mouth, I smile extra wide today.

At first we travel to river, where we find old and abandoned shack. There was bell we rang, and suddenly zombie appeared. The zombie could speak, but we kill it anyway. I ring bell again and there was another zombie. I wanted to kill it too but we decide to listen to zombie instead.

Turns out Lizard Man is cursed forever unless we do what zombie asks. I do not wish to bow to whims of dead things, but I want to kill Stag Lord anyway. So it is all good. I help many people today. This is why we should not bring Stage Magician.

30th Day. We find fort of Stag Lord. I am excited. I want to cut things and find lots of treasure. I bet there is much treasure in fort, and none to share with stupid Stage Magician because he is sick. This is truly greatest day of life.

We try to sneak into fort first, but it didn’t work. I do not understand why. We give password and they should open door. That is simple logic. Stupid.

But no matter. I am happy I get to kill things. Many bandits used cowardly bows, but I took them like Orc. I am strong. I pull arrow out of body and growl, falchion in deft hand and glistening like moonlight on water. My enemies cower in terror. Who is scarier – me, or Stag Lord? I will find out.

There was much fighting, and still more to come. We capture one of bandits and interrogate him. We learn of owl bear. I wonder what owl bear is, and I am told it is an owl and bear. I have fought bear before. I do not appreciate thought of another. But maybe owl is easier. So owl bear is only half scary.

Yes. Should be good. There will be much fighting, and no Stage Magician to annoy me. This is best day ever.

Diary of Krom Greyfoot


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