The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: Why are we doing this again?

Today’s adventure was a quick one. We fought some strange creature covered in spikes and teeth. As strange as it was, it was almost kind of cute. But like all cute things my friends and I come across, we decided to kill it. And we did that with ease. I’m not even sure anyone got hurt, though I believe someone did get sick. Theod cast a spell on the beast to sicken it, and someone ended up moving past the barrier he’d set up and getting hit by the spell. I believe it was Wakka? I don’t recall very much, since my heart wasn’t really in it that day. Nobody’s was, which was a little bit disappointing, because I actually did most of the work taking the thing down this time. So of course nobody noticed.

After that we decided to just go home and screw around as usual. What an uneventful day.

More Lizards. More power. Metalizards.

Log from Feb 01:

Day 1:

Met weird man, Krom’s friend his name is..I forget. But he is stinky.

We find lizard encampmen; they seem to be interested in speaking to gods.
After crossing the river and some brief interactions, they deem me friendly and I gesture for the party to come to me.

Visiting the village is calm and reassuring. Great place to stay. Seems they are having trouble with some avatar of a god. I meet vesket, he seems troubled by it.

We rush to the hut when we hear child scream to investigate. False god appears and downs ranger was trying to meddle. It seemed it was just willow-wisp. So our party challenged it to a duel to prove to the king that it is not a god.

Fierce batle, powerful wisp. Mouse touched my butt. Vicious battle, wisp is badly damaged. He ran away.

Leg Hurts too Much. Should get sword-leg.

Normally I enjoy time with Lizard Man, but today was incredibly frustrating. It was not justspooky ghost monster that nearly killed me several times, nor irritating cheers of young child we saved who thought me some legendary hero. Though maybe that wasn’t all too bad. What made day unbearable was fact we spent its entirety in middle of fort full of Lizard Men.

They all looked like our Lizard Man! I couldn’t even point him out once we were inside, and I had to spend whole time taking cues from Squirrel or Snowman on where to go or what to do. What’s worse, I could hardly walk. I appreciate Snowman’s insistence that I try to stay in fight, for good showmanship, but I am not ranger who sleeps on dirt. I do not heal so quickly.

My leg did not feel great. While we eventually beat ghost monster, I had much trouble moving around and I could not dodge its shocking touch. I toughed it out, but it was exhausting and I ran through what was left of our potions. I don’t think we can afford to have me lame. What would happen if Stage Magician was there? He would cause so many problems, and I would have to deal with them. Except I would not be able to, because I have bum leg.

When we return to city, I ask Snowman to find me good healer. Maybe that will help more than his stupid arrows. It will take days still, but I am hopeful. I am Krom, I cannot end journey here!

Mouse's Log: Adventures in Politics (now with bonus lizards!)

Today’s adventure was… not particularly fun. Most of my time was spent following the others around and just generally sitting in the corner waiting for it to be over. But Wakka seemed to enjoy himself, at least. Not too surprising considering we came across a tribe of lizard people. They seemed pretty suspicious of us, but Wakka seemed to be able to convince them we were “good good.” But not enough so that we were allowed to really do anything.

So while we waited for him to finish his fancy political speeches, Krom, his new… something… and I heard something scream. As has become habit, we rushed to go find out what it was. This time we were being watched by a guard, however, and weren’t able to get away. So I tried to sneak away and find out what screamed, but I was caught pretty quickly. Krom’s Something wasn’t. But I didn’t find out what had screamed until much later, when Wakka finally came out.

It was a kid being held for… lizard reasons. Sacrifice, maybe? I never actually found out the details. I didn’t really care to. All I know is that he had been grabbed by some kind of ghost and, being the “good good” people that we are (debatable), we recklessly began to fight it. I knew there wasn’t much I could do, so I let the others do the bulk of the fighting.

Because Krom has been especially accident-prone lately, and today was no exception, I stuck close to him and threw potions at him whenever they were needed. Of course, I had to grab them off his person first. And Wakka’s. But what am I good for if not for stealing from and for my friends when they need it?

Scaring ghosts. That’s what I’m good for. Not for long, but at least I managed to unnerve it for a little while. Quite the feat for someone as squirrely as me (take that, Krom)!

So we saved the day, as usual. The kid we saved really seems to like Krom. I think we should keep him around. I could always use an apprentice.

Mouse's Log: Have a Nice Trap

My last trip out into the fields, I was accompanied only by Krom and Mikmek. Everyone else was otherwise occupied, though I’m not sure how. Probably screwing around as usual.

The first thing we found was a river. Nothing exciting. I thought about swimming, but I didn’t want to strip in front of Krom. More importantly, I didn’t want him to strip in front of me. I almost wish we had gone swimming now, and tired ourselves out. Maybe we would have stopped adventuring long enough for some of our friends to join us. Maybe we could have avoided the disasters that followed.

No use speculating now, I guess…

To start our merry descent into despair, we heard a scream. I heroically dashed to the rescue — or I would have, had there been something to rescue. Instead I found something with stag hooves, a lions body, and a badger’s head. What the hell. I thought to leave it alone at first and keep searching for the woman that had screamed, but it turned out that the chimera or whatever it was had made the sound. When we approached it, it ran, so we pursued. I had a bad feeling once we came to the cliff, but we continued anyway.

None of us really wanted to climb up the cliff, so the first thing we tried was to pile on top of each other. Krom was our base, then I stood on his shoulders, and Mikmek climbed up on top of me. I was all right to begin with, but as soon as Mikmek got up, that was the end of our little human pyramid. So after a bit of arguing (and rubbing our backsides), Mikmek and I convinced Krom to climb up and toss down a rope. He made it, somewhat unsteadily, and the two of us ascended with ease. Which is nice, because I’m a terrible climber under most circumstances. Even with ropes.

At the top of the cliff, we found the strange beast and it attacked us. We danced around it. Then we danced around its corpse. Krom is a surprisingly good teammate when he’s willing to cooperate.

Later on we ran into another owlbear. We defeated it one easily with the power of friendship. (That’s not even a joke. We were getting really good at the whole teamwork thing.)

Standard fare so far for this place. The real problem came when we came across some ruins. They looked like they had been created by elves, so naturally, I was curious. But I thought perhaps we should wait to explore them, maybe come back with a bigger party. But Krom, greedy as he is, suggested we just take a peek. He said there might be treasure inside, so I agreed to take a look as well. But as soon as we got in, the door slammed shut. The two of us managed to dodge the iron bars, but they hit Mikemek and impaled him. I used the one potion I’d been saving on him, but it didn’t do much. I would need it later, but thinking back, I don’t think it would have done much good anyway.

The first thing we decided to do was try and get out of there. Neither Krom nor I could find anything that might open the door, so we decided to pry it open. Luckily there was a log we could use. Not so luckily, Krom broke it and I had to go grab another one. But as I dragged it back, something stabbed me. Before I could even try and find whatever bastard got me, the poison he’d inflicted me with took effect. Next thing I knew, I was lying on a bed, almost completely naked, and tied up. Which normally wouldn’t be awful, but Krom was there too, and I was almost dead.

I took a quick look around the room, and found Krom chained to the wall. Thinking we were both done for, I gave him a weak smile. “Hey Krom… How’s it hanging?” I asked.

He didn’t appreciate the joke.

Knowing my sense of humour wouldn’t be the thing that got us out of there, I tried wiggling out of the ropes around my wrists. It worked, and soon my ankles were free too. There was no way Krom could have gotten out of his shackles like that though, so I looked around for something that could pick the locks. I ended up finding some really old thieves’ tools that managed to get one of the locks undone, and Krom was able to pull the other one out of the wall on his own.

Once we were both free to move, we came up with a plan to escape. We agreed that Krom would go through the small door to distract whatever had thrown us in here, while I had to attempt to climb up to the window and get out and find help. He left, and somewhat nervously (I think I mentioned I’m not much of a climber), I scurried my way up to the window’s edge. It was quite a fall from there, so instead of risking climbing down, I decided to take an even bigger risk and just jumped. As usual, my gambling paid off, and I managed to gracefully flip out the window and land on a wall unscathed. I did this again to get to the ground. From there, I ran.

It took two days, but I finally managed to reach our city and get help. I was starving, dehydrated, dirty, bloody, and naked, but I made it to Wyn’s court. I don’t remember seeing anything but her as I burst through the doors, crying her name. She didn’t question my tears, wounds, or nudity. Truly she is a wonderful friend.

I brought her back to the ruins to hopefully save Krom and Mikmek. I thank all the gods that both of them were alive, even if just barely. So Wyn did what she could for them. Unfortunately, Krom was left with a limp, and Mikmek can’t walk on one of his legs at all. Both of them have officially retired from adventuring as of this journal being written. Once again I was lucky and got out relatively unscathed.

Worse is now Worst
It's somehow Stage Magician's fault.

Only Lizard Dog and Squirrel were available to travel. Perhaps it was a better idea just to stay home, in hindsight. But as much as I’d like to grieve about my mistakes, I’m here to write them down. We first ventured East, where the voice of some woman called to us for aid. It was suspicious from the start, but we decided to follow the voice anyway.

Hours later, we realize that there is no woman. We cannot find her. Squirrel Girl and Lizard Dog insist there is something watching us, and at first I didn’t believe them. Of course I wouldn’t, for the description was nonsense. The head of a badger, the body of a lion, and stag hooves.

Turns out they were right. After much chasing, we eventually stumbled upon its lair. The fight was quick enough, but I suffered a terrible wound from its bite. Who knew badgers had such large and unpleasantly sharp teeth?

There was little else out East, so we travelled West and fought a sparing few creatures along the way. It was terribly routine, even with just three of us. Lizard Dog was hurt pretty bad by an owlbear, but he shrugged it off. What a trooper.

The next day, we came across an ancient and ruined tower. It reminded me of the tower on the island, but once I inspected it I realized it was made by elves long ago. Not the twisted minds of whatever from that island. I did not think it entirely safe all the same, but curiosity got the better of me. That was a terrible mistake.

We had sprung a trap. Curse Squirrel for not recognizing a dumb trap like she should have! The gate behind us fell on Lizard Dog and impaled him. We struggled to get him out, but the gate was too heavy. Next thing I know, Squirrel Girl is lying bleeding on ground. I draw my sword, but I never even saw what attacked me.

I woke up naked in my skivvied, chained to a wall. Squirrel was tied up like some hog on the bed. I do not dare contemplate the purpose of keeping us alive, so we struggle to escape. But I realize we are both wounded and unable to fight very well. Not against this threat. I turned to Squirrel and suggested she go out the window. She had better chance of surviving and escaping than I did. I am too large and not very stealthy I go out the other way, intent on distracting the creature. I’m not sure why I was not afraid. I think it was because I knew I was already dead. I did not think it fortunate to still be alive.

I don’t remember much about what happened before I woke up, covered in blood and potion mix and on top of the body of my enemy. But it must have been a glorious and dangerous fight. Sadly, it would come to be my last. As I got up, I felt the weight of my body crush down against my leg. I couldn’t walk very well at all.

I wait with Lizard Dog (who was barely alive), hoping Squirrel comes back. She did, and with Cleric/Queen of all people! Good thing I got dressed.

As we take long journey back to Wynnysburg, I feel my spirit fade and lose itself in the thick trees. The only life I wished for was a warrior’s life. Now I have nothing but a title thrust upon me, and the deeds both true and false to carry me for the rest of my life. But I don’t want pity. I want to be useful.

Diary of Krom Greyfoot

Mouse's Log: If this is a fairy tale, where's my Prince?

This place just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The other day my companions and I decided to investigate some rumours regarding a witch. We found her stuck in a chair in her house. Wakka dealt with that for the most part, after I stealthily (and kind of pointlessly, I admit, since we were going to end up at the door anyway) approached the window. She attacked us with a flaming scarecrow. As in a scarecrow that was actually on fire. That was also weak to fire? I don’t understand, but it was taken care of easily. As was she.

I will admit though, seeing Krom on fire was kind of hilarious. I’m a little worried about how much Theod was enjoying it, though. I swear there’s something off about him. Nobody can genuinely be that odd without having something to hide. (More investigation required.)

Something else not so fun happened the other day.

I hate to have to bring up this memory again, but the old man that sold potions seems to have had a brother. I say he had a brother only because we killed him shortly after meeting him. He was clearly insane. More insane than his brother (?), I mean. That aside, the old fool was obviously hiding something from us, but because he was quite literally insane, I wasn’t quite able to pick up on what he was hiding. Too much to sift through, and everyone else was getting impatient, and the old bat was getting hostile. So, like the barbarians we are, we decided to fight him. It wasn’t much of a fight.

Oh yes. He had a cat. We decided to spare the cat, although Wyn rendered it temporarily immobile (I think she made it tear a muscle?). It’s too bad Isa wasn’t there. She quite likes cats. Wakka seemed affectionate enough to wards it, though. In fact, he wasn’t even there to fight the strange old man, because he was off fetching some meat for the kitten. So we’re a team of cat-lovers. Except for me, apparently. I can’t stand the beasts. But I’d rather not kill someone’s pet either. (Threatening is another story. But that’s a tale for another time.)

Moving along, we followed a treasure map we’d happened upon, and came to a… I’m not sure what it was, exactly, but there was treasure inside. Guarded by a bunch of skeletons, no less. Just like the stories mother and father used to tell me when I was a girl. So was it predictable? Yes.

Didn’t stop me from triggering a trap.

I will admit it was a moment of impulsiveness (Isa would be proud), since it was fairly obvious there would be a trap (corpse in the middle of the room? Check. Ring on its finger? Check. Ominous scenery? All around us), but I ran forward to investigate the body in the middle of the room. I was immediately assaulted by some interesting-looking tendrils. Like tentacles, I suppose. I’m sure they would have felt nice had they most likely not been deadly, but figuring they were, I deftly dodged out of their insidious reach. As I knew I would. What kind of rogue would I be otherwise?

In any case I took the ring. Later we were assaulted by more skeletons. We breezed through them. Even Boss Bones was no trouble at all. He (?) may as well have handed us the treasure personally.

Now I’m home and I have another ring to add to my steadily-growing collection. Hooray for exploring.

Finally, a dungeon and some treasure. All for me.
Krom finds shiny sword. Now sharper than ever.

Lust for adventure still tingles through spines. Or perhaps it is desire for some fresh air, after less than honest execution of dissident. In any case, I cannot complain about setting out from city to explore and conquer more territory.

My mood is further improved now that Lizard Man is back in our ranks. However, that sense of comfort did not last long. Not once we explore seemingly abandoned cottage. We hear tales of witch in area. Whether or not we believe in such rumours, it is best for us to remain on guard.

The abandoned cottage was guarded by living scarecrow! Or something like that. It was on fire, and when it touched me I could feel sense of dread. What’s worse, I was suddenly on fire. I am lucky to be alive still. I dropped to ground and rolled as hard as I could, to kill flames. Unfortunately, Stage Magician had just right trick to dispel them. For all his phony magic, he at least has some use.

Squirrel sneaks towards cottage, and relays existence of old woman inside. More likely than not, she is witch others talk about. But I am not convinced that she is danger, despite her dangerous guard-scarecrow. I approach cottage with others…

And next thing I know, I am on ground and Lizard Man had burst through window. Witch was gone. I ask more about what happened from friends, but they don’t explain much. They probably did something stupid. Again.

However, things picked up after that. After brief (and bloody) encounter with crazy man (or was he brother of crazy man? Both were crazy), we find treasure map inside tree! I was very excited. I took map and deciphered it (with some help). Since party had nothing better to do, we travelled East to spooky grave.

Spooky grave was kind of spooky. We enter, and suddenly Squirrel is attacked by tentacle-smoke. I do not understand inherent dangers in tentacle-smoke, but maybe Cleric or Stage Magician understand such magic better than me. Anyway, I am asked to take stick and poke inside mouths of statues at corner of chamber. I break something. I hope I did not make some god angry. Not in best mood to deal with gods right now.

After exploring place some more, we discovered lots of old weapons and dead bodies. When we got too close, some of bodies jumped up! Skeletons! Finally, proper battle! But Cleric quickly destroys them all with one fancy spell. What waste of excitement.

However, one skeleton remained. He wielded shiny falchion, and I knew it was destiny for me to take it. I fight skeleton in impressive duel Mikmek will surely relay to historians, while Stage Magician did nothing of use. skeleton man was destroyed, and I took now-broken falchion.

We travel back to castle. While rest of party takes it easy, I go to smith to ask about repairing sword. He suggests finding cleric to help me too, so after I find one I quickly convince (threaten) cleric to meet me at smith’s.

The next day, I had brand new sword. It is very shiny, and I cannot wait to cut things with it.

Diary of Krom Greyfoot

Mouse's Log: Adventures in Politics

Our adventures out of the city haven’t been particularly exciting lately. They have started to pick up somewhat, however. Most of our problems involve solving others’ problems now, even those outside what land we’ve claimed for ourselves. For instance, we heard rumours of people going missing, supposedly from wolf attacks. So we checked it out, and sure enough, the rumours were true. Well, sort of. It turned out to be a werewolf attacking the farm.

Yeah. Another werewolf. Why are there so many of them? Why are there so many wolves in general?

In any case, it was dispatched much more easily than the last one. Theod’s sheep was useless. As usual, Krom was our most valuable team member in terms of dealing damage. I feel like writing all this down has gotten a little pointless, seeing as the exact same thing happens every battle. Theod conjures something stupid. Isa charges in head first. I miss things with my crossbow. Krom slaughters stuff. Wyn heals things when necessary. Wakka and Giles seem to enjoy wrestling. We need to change things up.

I suppose our next little adventure was a little atypical, since we only killed on thing instead of everything in our path. Today, we dealt in… politics! Without Queen Wyn. Just to reaffirm that we’re somewhat capable of diplomacy as well.

Except we aren’t. We tried to settle things between a fairy and some loggers, but for the most part we just made both sides angrier. Until Theod stepped in and managed to convince the fairy to let the loggers go somehow, rather than hold them there and demand reparations for cutting down a couple of centuries-old trees. He called himself “a friend of the fae,” if I’m remembering this right. It makes sense. I mean, they do seem to have a thing for exposing his undergarments… -(A good look for him? Requires more investigation.)
The fairy sent us on another quest. I’m quite glad have something to pass the time, but do we really need to create such a fuss over something as trivial as trees? They’re everywhere.

And apparently they’re evil. And can move. (Seriously? What is going on in this place?) So we set it on fire — fire is super effective against trees, apparently, go figure — and got the coins to grow more trees for the fairy. So we did that and were thanked. And Krom scored a new robe adorned with skeletons. Definitely a good look for him, but almost everything is an improvement for Krom. I wonder if we can alter his statue to include his new majestic cape? Everyone should behold that robe. Although it might cause a little bit more unrest among our people, since they apparently were convinced the statue was a waste of time and space (which I can’t disagree with) by a mysterious traveler.

Said traveler was speaking in front of a gathering of our citizens and rallying them against us. He brought up such points as the aforementioned statue, our councillor’s alcoholism, and a few less valid things. Theod and I tried to talk him down, but he would have none of it, and even rejected my advances our attempt at smoothing things over in private. So we had to resort to less savoury methods of getting him to shut his rather attractive trap.

We started a civil war.

… Or we would have, if we’d let Krom have his way. I think our actual method was only slightly more practical, and significantly less wasteful. We lured our troublemaker into Wyn’s throne room and had Theod cast a spell on him to make him fall for our fair Queen. Or just want to whisk her away into bed. One of those two things. The spell worked, and someone twisted things to make it seem as if he was charging towards Wyn to assassinate her rather than… embrace her. So we carted him off. What happened next, I’m ashamed to admit. We executed him. I was completely against it. Imprisonment, exile, labour, anything would have been better than what we did. He just disagreed with how things were run! It’s not a crime!

[ There are a few scribbles and scratches following. Only a few words can be made out underneath them, but not enough to form complete sentences. ]

I don’t want to remember this. And I don’t want it to happen again.

I’m sorry.

Theod's Log - Werewolves, Tree Folk, and Corruption

At long least, our merry band of Forest Depopulators (why does no one like my prospective team names?) is going to go on an excursion. To be completely frank, I dread spending so much time in the city. Not to say that I don’t appreciate having a position of authority in an ever-growing sprawl, it’s just that I dislike having a position of authority in an ever-growing sprawl. It’s difficult to hone one’s craft when one is looked to as one of the leading political figures of a city. Granted, I’m perhaps our most expendable of political figures, but I don’t want to give the Sword Lords (or Krom, for that matter) any ideas as to removing me from such a (relatively) safe job.

What was I talking about? Ah yes, the expedition.

The team (sans druid) set out to better secure our northern border. Rumours of wolf attacks have reached our ears and we were eager to slaughter nature’s children once more (seriously, we’re absolute maniacs). We reach the farm of which the reports originated from, and the man was absolutely convinced that he, his family, and his employees were acting as prey to a werewolf. It was, at the time, the last full moon of the month, so it was decided best that we solve the problem before the trail went cold.

As the day gave way to night, we heard a bone-chilling howl. Through the pale moonlight, we saw the assailant, an axe-wielding werewolf, intending to pounce on an unaware merchant. I don’t know whether or not the man ever saw the wolf, but he definitely bolted once a large group of armed lunatics charged him. We engaged the wolf and fared quite well. Krom and Mouse were able to bring the beast down after Wyn disarmed it with a spell. In an attempt to convince the beast to avoid attacking my companions, I conjured the image of a succulent sheep to try and entice its hunger. After it ignored that illusory morsel, I attempted to ‘coax’ it with a new spell of mine, “Unnatural Lust.” The spell failed (apparently the lycanthorpe was not from New Zealand). I guess the spell’s creator is more literal with his definition of “lust” than I had hoped. That’s essentially the end to that encounter. Our north was safe once more.

The next day, we surveyed the nearby forest in case of a larger pack having set up roost. Instead, we happened upon a peculiar conflict of interests. A logging company unaffiliated to any city fell two trees belonging to a vengeful fae. The creature ensorcelled two of the loggers and refused to return them to their normal state. Now, the two sides bickered over who had rights to the forest. The situation failed to titillate me sufficiently to demand my attention, so I decided to let the others handle the diplomacy while I idly changed the colour of Mikmek’s copper pieces as to keep him out of trouble. Once I awoke from my stupor, the situation seemed to be getting out of hand. Isa seemed to take charge (as far as I could tell), and the drunken mediator was doing little to appease both sides. Not wanting to evoke the ire of yet more fae creatures, I decided to finally intervene. Bluffing that I was a “friend of the fae,” I convinced the sprite to listen to me. I swore to remove the loggers from the area and simultaneously replace the fallen trees. In return, I arranged to have the ensorcelled loggers freed from the faerie’s hex and I hired the loggers as to benefit our city’s economy and keep them far from the faerie’s lands. Everybody won…

… except we now needed to obtain trinkets capable of instantly replanting the trees. Such is the price of my excellent negotiation skills, I guess.

We travelled further west to speak to the faerie’s dryad friend in order to magically plant five trees for the sprite. The dryad in question, however, had her own problems. Apparently a walking tree with scythe-like branches had taken a liking to the taste of dryad. We moved south to topple the creature. Isa was able to spot the creature as it stalked us, so we were able to quickly set it ablaze and slay it (once again, I tried to fool it into attacking an illusory dryad, but I once again found not success). We found a robe draped with bones inside of the husk, which Krom quickly took. Apparently the garment can summon skeletons by pulling off the skeletal effigies attached to the cloth. I suggested we give the horrible garment to our good Queen to make maximum effectiveness from it (and to intimidate political enemies), but Krom became indignant and started lamenting about wanting to feel pretty or something, frankly I stopped paying attention to him. We returned to dryad to retrieve the magical tokens (I still can’t remember the silly name those things have). We then travelled to the faerie to regrow the chopped-down trees. They sprouted from the ground instantly, it was actually quite impressive! Beautiful trees, also. There was an extra token, so I decided to add this tree to our park, mostly as a big green middle finger to my family. I sure showed them. Also, I’m no longer lying when I saw I’m a friend of the fae! Today was quite productive!

Our return to the city was, actually, quite peculiar. A dissident was riling up a crowd into a frenzy, convincing them to oust our group from power. To be frank, his argument was quite convincing. He (rightly) asserted that the town’s councillor was a drunk, he pointed that the growing number of kobolds finding positions of power in our city (racist, but I can see how that could worry people), our ‘General’ has done nothing and does nothing but erect statues of himself (at least he’s not using public funds) and he pointed out how we often go gallivanting out into the wilderness (once again, we can’t deny). However, he blamed us for the increase in werewolf attacks (I don’t understand that one), for political instability (WE LITERALLY JUST SECURED OUR NORTHERN BORDERS THROUGH SUPERNATURAL MEANS; PEACEFULLY), and for generally ruining the lives of the people (how?). I tried to talk to him after the rally, but he refused to talk to me. Mouse and I attempted to talk to him at his room in the inn, but he slammed the door in our faces after declaring that “our city would fall.”

Much of the upcoming proceedings do little more than make me feel nauseous.

We decided that the best course of action would be to discredit him. I suggested using Unnatural Lust on him in order to enamour him towards our good Queen, sending him into a fit of lust in front of a crowd. It was arranged to have such trickery happen in our “throne room” (we have a throne room, how did this happen?).

On the day of truth, I positioned myself behind my class of schoolchildren (furthering my guilt) as to cast the spell (I had prepared it multiple times, just in case). We invited him to vent his concerns towards Wyn. As he talked, I cast the spell. The first time, I failed, but he failed to notice the magical effect. The spell took hold on the second try. He rushed towards Wyn, giving Krom an excuse to knock him senseless. To take advantage of the situation, I shouted “assassin!” The people fell for the ruse and the status quo restored. Mouse and I tried to argue to have the man exiled, he was technically innocent, but the others determined that the man should be executed. It made the most sense, he could possibly come back to stir up more trouble, but it didn’t feel right. I felt so dirty for being involved in such corruption. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with what we’re doing anymore, if we’re going to act like tyrants.

I hope we leave on another adventure soon. I need to think about something else.


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