The Outcast Kings

Leg Hurts too Much. Should get sword-leg.

Normally I enjoy time with Lizard Man, but today was incredibly frustrating. It was not justspooky ghost monster that nearly killed me several times, nor irritating cheers of young child we saved who thought me some legendary hero. Though maybe that wasn’t all too bad. What made day unbearable was fact we spent its entirety in middle of fort full of Lizard Men.

They all looked like our Lizard Man! I couldn’t even point him out once we were inside, and I had to spend whole time taking cues from Squirrel or Snowman on where to go or what to do. What’s worse, I could hardly walk. I appreciate Snowman’s insistence that I try to stay in fight, for good showmanship, but I am not ranger who sleeps on dirt. I do not heal so quickly.

My leg did not feel great. While we eventually beat ghost monster, I had much trouble moving around and I could not dodge its shocking touch. I toughed it out, but it was exhausting and I ran through what was left of our potions. I don’t think we can afford to have me lame. What would happen if Stage Magician was there? He would cause so many problems, and I would have to deal with them. Except I would not be able to, because I have bum leg.

When we return to city, I ask Snowman to find me good healer. Maybe that will help more than his stupid arrows. It will take days still, but I am hopeful. I am Krom, I cannot end journey here!


Legacy skyblark

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