The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: Adventures in Politics (now with bonus lizards!)

Today’s adventure was… not particularly fun. Most of my time was spent following the others around and just generally sitting in the corner waiting for it to be over. But Wakka seemed to enjoy himself, at least. Not too surprising considering we came across a tribe of lizard people. They seemed pretty suspicious of us, but Wakka seemed to be able to convince them we were “good good.” But not enough so that we were allowed to really do anything.

So while we waited for him to finish his fancy political speeches, Krom, his new… something… and I heard something scream. As has become habit, we rushed to go find out what it was. This time we were being watched by a guard, however, and weren’t able to get away. So I tried to sneak away and find out what screamed, but I was caught pretty quickly. Krom’s Something wasn’t. But I didn’t find out what had screamed until much later, when Wakka finally came out.

It was a kid being held for… lizard reasons. Sacrifice, maybe? I never actually found out the details. I didn’t really care to. All I know is that he had been grabbed by some kind of ghost and, being the “good good” people that we are (debatable), we recklessly began to fight it. I knew there wasn’t much I could do, so I let the others do the bulk of the fighting.

Because Krom has been especially accident-prone lately, and today was no exception, I stuck close to him and threw potions at him whenever they were needed. Of course, I had to grab them off his person first. And Wakka’s. But what am I good for if not for stealing from and for my friends when they need it?

Scaring ghosts. That’s what I’m good for. Not for long, but at least I managed to unnerve it for a little while. Quite the feat for someone as squirrely as me (take that, Krom)!

So we saved the day, as usual. The kid we saved really seems to like Krom. I think we should keep him around. I could always use an apprentice.


Legacy timehopper

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