The Outcast Kings

Mouse's Log: Why are we doing this again?

Today’s adventure was a quick one. We fought some strange creature covered in spikes and teeth. As strange as it was, it was almost kind of cute. But like all cute things my friends and I come across, we decided to kill it. And we did that with ease. I’m not even sure anyone got hurt, though I believe someone did get sick. Theod cast a spell on the beast to sicken it, and someone ended up moving past the barrier he’d set up and getting hit by the spell. I believe it was Wakka? I don’t recall very much, since my heart wasn’t really in it that day. Nobody’s was, which was a little bit disappointing, because I actually did most of the work taking the thing down this time. So of course nobody noticed.

After that we decided to just go home and screw around as usual. What an uneventful day.


Legacy timehopper

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