The Outcast Kings

Theod's Log - More Adventures in the Tree and Kobold Politics

After tending to the drunk and the kobold, we went on our merry way. We quickly uncovered the Mite “High Command” (a shitty table draped in a ratty, checkered cloth) discussing their offensive against the kobolds. Another melee ensued. Wakka used the roots around us to snare the Mites. I almost repeated my success with Blinding Ray several times, blinding three of them (the leader included). Towards the end of the melee, Isa performed a dramatic frontflip over the table. A little unnecessary, since I believe our half-orc could step over the whole table without a problem. She performed a flying punch to the tick, killing it. Admittedly, that was pretty cool. As Giles latched onto the leader, Krom was able to impale the poor bugger.

Mik-Mek was able to find the idol he was looking for, it being as big as he was. Wyn and Isa expressed great interest in a filthy sack under the tiny table. It held onto the gear the kobolds had before they were captured. We explored the liar a little more, uncovering a LOVELY little getaway. Shit, tick eggs, centipedes… I was unfortunately out of castable spells, so I had to sit out from his melee. I tried to help out by creating the sound of a predatory bird with Ghost Sound. I realize that centipedes can’t exactly be intimidating, but I don’t exactly want to do nothing (that’s Mouse’s job).

We eventually killed the bugs and quickly left, not wanting to spend too long in that wretched smelling place.

Mik-Mek led us to his clan’s mine. We could tell due to the poor Mite left outside as a warning. A forward scout approached us and Mik-Mek convinced him that we were friendly. With the idol held aloft, we followed them into the camp. More kobolds joined us as we ventured deeper into the caves. Sadly, the traps our guide (Nak-Pik?) pointed out the “cleverly hidden” traps throughout the caves. According to him, we had virtually wiped out the Mites. I told them about my magical prowess, blinding and exploding many of the Mites. Everyone was impressed. We met the Kobold leader, Sootscale, leader of the Sootscales (clever naming rituals amongst these Kobolds). A surprisingly imposing figure for a Kobold, he was excited to see Mik-Mek returning with the sacred statue.

Then he smashed it. Apparently the statue was cursed. As far as Wakka, Wyn, and I were able to tell, it was just a statue (at least I’m certain they were casting Detect Magic as often as I was; I’m ALWAYS prepared, so why wouldn’t they be inspired by my example?). As long as they’re happy needlessly smashing things, I won’t spoil their jubilations.

The tribe was used by a purple-scaled shaman (Tartuk?) weakening the tribe (thinking the statue being the source of the curse) with magic and sacrificing the sick and dying to a dark god. Us being violent idiots for hire, we immediately agree to kill the guy. We approached the “shaman’s” liar with a horde of Kobolds at our back. Wyn and I immediately noticed exactly how much of a con this guy was playing. He was just waggling his fingers over a pot of what smelled like his lunch (it smelled awful, I think that’s what was poisoning the tribe: his cooking). We bum-rushed the guy, killing him fairly quickly. There were so many allied bodies in the mix that I couldn’t risk unleashing my powerful illusions. At the very least, I conjured the image of a mighty skeleton warrior, tricking the shaman into believing that I was a necromancer. Misinformation is a mighty weapon. He quickly believed me and the “commands” given to my “minion.” Long story short, we retrieved Oleg’s wife’s ring, a paltry payment for genocide and a Wand of Magic Missile! Mik-Mek asked for permission to continue adventuring with us. Mouse and Isa seem enamored to the little guy, so why not? I am growing concerned with the scale-to-skin ratio in our party (does Wyn have scales? I don’t even know what she even IS). We returned to Oleg’s for a rest. We had certainly earned it. I plan to relax by enhancing my magical repertoire.


Legacy Bungles

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